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Welcome to the Canada Guaranty Training Centre – an essential resource for mortgage and lending professionals.

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To maintain a competitive advantage, it is essential to have the right information. The Canada Guaranty Training Centre provides mortgage lenders and brokers with relevant solutions to the challenges of today’s market through a series of current, informative and interactive courses. Designed with the requirements of the industry professional in mind, these courses help identify the demands of the Canadian mortgage market, provide insight on successfully achieving business objectives and offer resources to meet the needs of the individual homebuyer.

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Please take a moment to review the list of continuing education and AMP-accredited courses offered by Canada Guaranty.

> Understanding Purchase Advantage Plus and Progress Draw Advantage

This course will examine the Purchase Advantage Plus and Progress Draw programs individually, and in detail, to help mortgage professionals determine which option best supports their borrower’s goals, how home buyers can take advantage of more affordable financing options, and what critical guidelines must be met to successfully qualify. Specific examples will be explored to help identify the differences between key concepts, including value-add vs. non-conforming improvements, contractor built vs. self-built homes, and basic vs. full service. The course will conclude with a comprehensive review of the application process to highlight each step and what to expect from first submission to final release of the approved funds.

> Maple Leaf Advantage: Helping New Canadians Become New Homeowners

In this course, mortgage professionals will be taken through current statistics to understand the growing market commonly referred to as “New Canadians”. A detailed examination of frequently used terms and definitions will create a clearer understanding of the often-confusing Canadian immigration system. The session will conclude with examples that identify various scenarios to help mortgage professionals understand what qualifications to consider when helping their clients apply for the Canada Guaranty Maple Leaf Advantage™ program.

> Mortgage Underwriting Decoded (101)

Through this course, mortgage professionals will learn the basics of mortgage adjudication by exploring the key areas Canada Guaranty focuses on when underwriting a file, effective deal structuring and improving the submission skill set. Using home buying statistics and relevant case studies, this presentation will look at the five C’s of underwriting, and the importance of evaluating overall borrower and property risk, to ensure mortgage professionals are better prepared to support their clients throughout the home buying process.

> Mortgage Underwriting Decoded (102): Credit, Collateral and Conditions

Canada Guaranty is pleased to introduce a course focused on exploring the fundamentals of effective mortgage underwriting. Through this seminar, mortgage professionals will be presented with insights and examples that illustrate the importance of evaluating overall borrower and property risk, by examining:

  1. CREDIT: What it is, factors that define its changing value, and the significant role it plays when qualifying for a mortgage;
  2. COLLATERAL: Understanding the appraisal methods available and the importance of applying the appropriate property valuation tools during the underwriting process;
  3. CONDITIONS: As they specifically relate to the review of condo documentation, including identifying what documents are necessary, why they are critical to underwriting and how their review contributes to the essential practice of ongoing due diligence.

Each of the three sections of this course may be presented independently to focus on a specific topic, or presented together to offer AMP’s 1 Continuing Education Unit – and a more comprehensive understanding of the complete underwriting process.

> Keeping the “Home” in Homeownership: Preventing Default through Awareness and Preparedness

This presentation provides critical information to mortgage professionals interested in recognizing and understanding the primary causes of delinquency. Through a comprehensive look at the importance of fostering sustainable homeownership, mortgage professionals will be presented with current data highlighting the common causes of mortgage default and how early intervention can often help borrowers avoid losing their home. Building a strong customer base often means becoming a trusted resource for clients and by learning effective strategies to recognize, manage and prevent potential default for clients facing unexpected financial hardship, mortgage professionals will be better prepared to help their borrowers throughout the homeownership process.

> Reducing Mortgage Fraud and Identity Theft

Recognizing mortgage fraud and how it works is key to its prevention. This course looks at the different types of fraud in the Canadian market, provides mortgage professionals with techniques to identify fraud and fraudulent activities, and identifies tools that will help protect mortgage professionals and their customers from mortgage fraud and identity theft.

> Understanding Credit Reports

Analyzing a borrower’s credit history is a key underwriting component, especially as financial institutions increasingly rely on credit scores to understand risk. This course is designed to help mortgage and lending professionals learn how to understand and interpret credit reports, identify important contributing factors to credit scores and address how credit history affects a borrower’s overall risk profile. This interactive and engaging presentation includes discussion of the following topics:

  • What is a credit score?
  • Elements of a credit score
  • Understanding the credit score for mortgage structuring
  • How borrowers can improve their credit

> Understanding Self-Employment: How to Interpret and Effectively Manage Business-for-Self Mortgage Applications

Navigate the perceived complexities associated with business-for-self applications. Through a comprehensive look at the unique challenges facing self-employed borrowers, mortgage professionals will discover how to interpret critical documentation and anticipate common concerns that can arise during the review process.

In addition to knowing how and when to apply for a mortgage using provable vs. stated income, through increased awareness and a greater understanding about the self-employed borrower, mortgage professionals will be better equipped to confidently advise their clients while ensuring application submissions result in a more efficient approval.

> Understanding Valuation Solutions in the Canadian Market (Appraisals)

This course illustrates the value of residential property appraisals in the Canadian market. Featuring interactive examples, industry professionals will understand the importance of the valuation report, learn how to identify fraud and leave with important tips on how to assist clients when discussing the valuation process.

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