Homeownership Solutions Program

Homeownership Solutions Program

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Most Canadians cannot imagine losing their homes, but unexpected financial difficulties can leave homeowners in a challenging situation. Knowing what options are available and understanding the alternatives to foreclosure will often mean the difference between keeping and losing a home.

A successful outcome not only depends on the individual circumstances of the borrower, but more importantly on the early involvement of the lender and borrower at the first sign of financial distress. The sooner all parties work together, the greater the workout options available and the more likely homeownership can be preserved.

As an advocate for sustainable homeownership, Canada Guaranty is a committed partner throughout the home-buying and home-owning process.

The Homeownership Solutions Program

The most common causes of mortgage default include:

  1. Unforeseen financial hardship resulting from job loss, a reduction in income, a change in marital status, or a serious illness.
  2. Homebuyers purchasing close to, or beyond, their financial means when most of the household income goes towards high monthly mortgage payments, there may not be sufficient funds available for emergencies.

The Homeownership Solutions Program offers lenders more choice and flexibility as they work to keep borrowers with Canada Guaranty-insured mortgages in their homes.

How the Program Works

Once a problem has been identified, lenders are encouraged to take the following steps:

Step 1: Contact the Borrower
In order to ensure more options are available, the lender must work closely with the borrower as soon as financial difficulties occur. To understand the cause and extent of the problem, the lender should obtain the following information from the borrower:

  1. The borrower’s current financial condition, their intent to keep or dispose of the property, and their degree of participation in the workout being explored.
  2. How long the problem is likely to last, based on the borrower’s circumstances.
  3. Determine whether regular payments can resume once a workout solution has been implemented.

Step 2: Contact the Canada Guaranty Loss Management Team
Canada Guaranty’s Loss Management experts work with the lender and the borrower to identify the best solution available for their unique circumstance.

Step 3: Review and Identify Workout Opportunities Offered by Canada Guaranty
Some of the possible workout options include:

  • Loan or Agreement ModificationThis option is usually considered when borrowers have had difficulty making regular mortgage payments after permanent or long-term financial hardship. Examples of modifications include reducing the contract rate to reflect current interest rates (assuming they have decreased since the initial approval) or extending the mortgage terms and amortization.
  • CapitalizationIn some cases, borrowers may be able to continue making their monthly mortgage payments, but not the delinquent payments from previous months. In this case, lenders are encouraged to consider the capitalization of arrears.

To ensure borrowers are given the best opportunity for successful homeownership, it is essential for Canada Guaranty to work closely with its lending partners at the earliest sign of mortgage delinquency and throughout the recovery process.

How Canada Guaranty Can Help

Canada Guaranty is committed to providing the support lenders need to find the right solutions for their borrowers. We are dedicated to working with our lending partners to ensure their borrowers can keep their homes and fulfill their dreams of homeownership – today and well into the future.

To learn more about the Homeownership Solutions Program, please contact a Canada Guaranty Loss Management expert:

Loss Management Team