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YoY Percentage Change_MAR 2015


To view additional monthly aggregate house price data for 13 of Canada’s major cities, please visit the Brookfield RPS House Price Index site.


Sales-Listings_MAR 2015

Source: CREA (The Canadian Real Estate Association)


  • Home prices remain strongest in Toronto, Hamilton and Vancouver; however the pace of price appreciation has slowed in recent months.
  • Home prices remain weaker in Quebec and the Atlantic regions due to softer labour market conditions and demographic trends.
  • Traditionally, a buyer’s, balanced or seller’s market is defined by the following ranges of sales-to-listings percentages:
< 35% Buyer’s Market (More homes are for sale than there are buyers)
= 36-54% Balanced Market
> 55% Seller’s Market (More buyers available than there are homes for sale)
  • Over the past few months, the effect of low oil prices has caused the Alberta housing market to move from a seller’s to a more balanced market.
  • Overall, the majority of Canada remains in a balanced market condition, with the exception of British Columbia and Ontario, both of which are seller’s markets.

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