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Introduction from Andy Charles

Andy CharlesIt has become clear that status quo no longer exists as our industry evolves to further support the sustainability of a strong housing market. This quarter, following significant changes announced by CMHC, the mortgage industry witnessed premium rate increases (effective May 1st) and, for one insurer, the elimination of mortgage insurance coverage for second home mortgages and self-employed borrowers. Canada Guaranty is pleased to confirm our continued support of the second home (Lifestyle Advantage™) and self-employed (Low Doc Advantage™) products. These, along with Canada Guaranty’s full suite of mortgage insurance solutions, can be downloaded from our website.

Canada Guaranty is dedicated to providing our mortgage and lending partners with a diverse range of products to support their clients’ unique needs. Through prudent risk management and sound underwriting practices, executed by a team of experienced Underwriters, we look forward to ensuring that more borrowers find the right solutions to achieve greater access to affordable and sustainable homeownership.

We appreciate your continued support and encourage you to contact a member of our team with any questions.

Andy Charles
President and CEO
Canada Guaranty Mortgage Insurance Company

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