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Energy-Efficient Program
It’s cost effective to make energy efficient choices.
Ensure your clients are taking advantage.

This year, homeowners across the country felt the effects of one of Canada’s coldest winters in the form of surging energy bills. According to Natural Resources Canada, almost two thirds of the energy in our homes is used for space heating. While the cost to heat our homes inevitably rises during the colder months, there are ways to mitigate some of these costs by incorporating more energy efficient options.

The Benefit of Making Energy Efficient Choices
In addition to lowering utility bills, energy efficiency saves energy and reduces our impact on the environment. Through the Energy-Efficient Advantage program, Canada Guaranty is pleased to support borrowers who purchase energy efficient homes, or obtain mortgage financing to make energy efficient home improvements, by providing a 10% refund of the mortgage insurance premium.

Eligible Transaction Types

  • Available on all Canada Guaranty mortgage insurance products.
  • Eligible for Purchase transactions, including New Construction or Existing Homes.
  • Eligible for Purchase or Refinance, with the intention of making energy-efficiency improvements.

Program Qualifications

  • A 10% premium refund is eligible for borrowers who have mortgage financing that is currently insured by Canada Guaranty and has funded on or after May 1, 2013.
  • The request for the 10% premium refund must be submitted within one year of the mortgage advance.
  • All applicable mortgage insurance premiums and fees on the original mortgage must have been received by Canada Guaranty prior to issuing the Energy-Efficient Advantage refund.


Please click here to learn more about the Energy-Efficient Advantage program, including program guidelines, critical documentation requirements and eligibility.

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